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Some pages on this Website may contain advertisements to associated products of external websites / links / supplements. While the Company may be compensated for such advertisement placing, the Company does not endorse or warrant any such products.  You are fully responsible for researching such products on your own and determining if they are the right fit for you

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The Company  does not provide medical advice, treatment or diagnosis of any issue, illness or disease. All content and educational material provided on this site and associate sites of the Company for educational and example purposes only.  You are fully responsible for doing your own research and determining what is your best course of action.

Always seek approval and advice from a physician, medical doctor or other qualified health professional before embarking on a new exercise regime, diet, supplement or similar protocol.


The Company may list diet and/or meal suggestions that have been prepared and approved by a third party dietitian.  The Company does not assume any responsibility with respect to such diets.  You must do your own research to determine if the diet is right for you, including seek approval and advice from a physician, medical doctor or other qualified health professional.


Please note for all refunds on all digital programs (excluding Macro Cookbook, for which sales are final), such as the 20 Week Mass and the 90 Day Bikini program, you must complete the entire program and can only request the refund after this time (i.e. 20 weeks, 30 Days or 90 days). Refunds are not given because you changed your mind, found the plan unsuitable, did not have access to the required equipment (after all, there are body-weight workouts and you could have contacted us before hand), found the plan confusing, had a technical issue or did not like the plan in general. In other words, refunds are given if you complete the full program and do not reach realistic goals.  These terms are without exception and a refund request outside of these requirements will not be processed.

In order to process your refund if you complete the plan, you must have timely submitted all check in forms and measurements (1) before you start the plan and then (2) on a bi-weekly basis for the length of the program (time frames listed below). These check-ins must include starting photos, measurements of the waist, arm and leg, along with your weight.  This is required to help prove that you completed the program in accordance with its respective terms.

90 Day Bikini: 90 Days

20 Week Mass: 20 Weeks

Metabolic Advantage Diet: 20 Weeks

All other plans: 4 weeks

You will be required to spend time reading the manuals and formulating your plan, it does require some personalization and time commitment. For the home workouts, it can be performed with just bodyweight but we do program and advise equipment such as TRX, Barbells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells etc.

This refund policy is the standard terms for online, digital products. Unlike physical products, once you have purchased this product you will have instant access to the files and can not return them. Please note this program was developed after years of research and practice, along with over $100,000 in educational fees. Please do not contact us for a refund if you have not tried the program for the full time listed above and have check-ins sent to us at the very start and then 2 weeks later for each period we will not process the refund. These check-ins must include starting photos, measurements of the waist, arm and leg, along with your weight.

All refund requests can be submitted on this page. Please note, refunds that do not conform to all the terms listed above will not be processed.


Physique Friendly Macro Cookbook

For the Physique Friendly Macro Cookbook, no refunds are accepted for whatever reason. This is because of the low product cost and the fact that it is a digital product that can be downloaded in full. Unlike physical products you must return, it is not possible to return a downloadable product, even if you state you have not yet downloaded it. This no refund policy extends for any reason, including you not enjoying the meals or liking the food, as this is a subjective measure. All meals were tested multiple times before publication.

Please note, the recipes will require some preparation and unusual ingredients, this is just the nature of cooking, especially this type of preparation and cooking which requires additional ingredients that you may need to order online. For this reason, we have included a swap / ingredient replacement list to help. Please note, all images and pictures are for design and cosmetic purposes only, these are stock photos as I do not have professional equipment to take good quality photos of each recipe.

Elite 1:1 Online Coaching and 1 Time Personalized Plan

No refunds are permitted for 1:1 Elite Online coaching or the 1 time personalized plan after the purchase has been made, even if you are yet to complete the consultation. This is a strict policy as we have a limited number of spots and are often full. Therefore, please only purchase if you are 100% commited.


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