30 Day HIIT Kick Start

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There are 43,200 Minutes in 30 Days, I’m Asking You to Dedicate Just 300…

The 30 Day HIIT Kick Start is the first scientifically proven and advanced transformation plan that doesn’t require a gym.

In just 30 days you can follow these scientifically proven workouts, requiring around 10 minutes of actual exercise per day and follow the example diet plans and dietary guidelines to transform your physique.

Best of all, it’s going to give you the “Kick Start” you need to make a long-term health and physique transformation, dropping pounds of fat every week and looking visually leaner day by day, the momentum and motivation is going to change your mindset and life.

What does it include:

  • 30 Day HIIT Kick Start Manual
  • 30 Day HIIT Kick Start Home Workouts
  • 30 Day HIIT Kick Start Gym Workouts (optional workouts if you are going to the gym)
  • 30 Day HIIT Kick Start 7 Day Example Diet Plans (Multiple diet plans providing you with example meals, macros, calories and over 100 ingredients).
  • 30 Day HIIT Kick Start Advanced Supplement Plan (Optional fat loss and health supplements to take your physique a step further).
  • 30 Day HIIT Kick Start FAQ (A full FAQ answering all the questions you may have).


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