Personalized Physique Plan

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The Personalized Physique Plan is an advanced and tailored plan specific to your body, hormones, goals, metabolism and lifestyle. After an indepth consultation I will personally work to provide you with the ultimate plan helping you achieve your goals. Here’s an overview of which is included:


    A full and highly in-depth consultation to assess every imaginable aspect of your fitness, diet, training plan, supplement regime, recovery, sleep, metabolism, insulin sensitivity and hormones. This allows me to tailor your training plan to YOU which brings long lasting, rapid results!


    You will get a highly advanced training program based on the latest research of physique transformation. Leaving no stone un-turned, I will list out every single exercise, rep, set, tempo, rest time, advanced technique and execution techniques. The scientifically proven higher frequency approach, combined with the latest advanced training techniques will kick start muscle growth and fat loss!


    I will provide you will detailed and specific example weekly meal plans. These will provide you with various sample days that you can follow. Every single ingredient and meal is noted down in a very easy to follow format, ready for you to immediately implement. All plans provide both portion sizes and specific macros and you can pick whichever dieting approach your prefer!


    Utilizing scientifically proven supplements that are 10 years ahead of the industry these protocols can help you achieve your dream physique while taking your training and fat loss one step further!


    Once you get started you will receive 2 weeks email support, helping you to tweak and customize the plan further, while answering any questions you may have.


    You will be provided with instant access to my library of instructional videos and demonstrations. These will help you perform the exercises with 100% accuracy, targeting the hard to reach muscles and muscle fibers while maximizing motor unit recruitment and muscle activation. By implementing these secret methods you will out perform and train anyone in the gym and develop your own education and knowledge to a completely new level!