The Metabolic Advantage Diet

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The World’s Only Diet To Teach Your Body To Run On Fat, Increasing Fat Burning By 242%


The Metabolic Advantage Diet is the latest addition to my series of advanced programs. Interestingly, this plan has actually been in creation before any of the others… showing how in-depth it will be!

Developed over the last 2 years, I’ve personally researched these techniques in the lab and with clients.

What is it? In short, a Low-carb or Ketogenic Diet on STEROIDS.

Basically, taking the success and positive aspects of a low-carb diet and improving it further, with my ‘strategic fat burning fasts’, pyramid based carb loads, supplement plans and unique Metabolic Workouts.

How else will it be different to every other low-carb diet? 

– Continued LIFETIME support, motivation and inspiration on a DAILY basis from myself and 1000s of members in the Private Facebook group.

–  Over 10 Ebooks and programs, including done-for-you diet plans, recipe book, scientific guides, 20 weeks worth of workouts, testing and monitoring ketone levels, supplement protocols and much more.

Who’s it for?

1. People looking for a final solution to shred fat and achieve their dream physique when they’ve tried every other conventional diet out there. How’s this possible? Well, this diet teaches your body to burn fat as a main fuel source, it’s unique and unlike any other diet on the planet.

Studies have even shown 200 – 400% more fat loss and fat oxidation (burning) than normal diets!

2. People looking to shred fat quickly in a safe and scientific manner, without becoming bulk or adding large amounts of muscle.

3. People who want to improve their health, metabolic function, boost their metabolism, maintain weight easier and reduce disease risk, including heart disease and diabetes!

4. People who want to be part of a scientific, results based supportive community.

5. People who are more focused on staying lean, athletic and toned rather than becoming a bulky bodybuilder – this is NOT a mass gaining protocol.

6. People who love foods like bacon, cheese, cream, nuts, dark chocolate, meats, creamy dishes, fish, chocolate pudding and want to make tasty but healthy versions of the typical ‘bad foods’.



  • Boosts slow and sluggish metabolisms due to the unique nature of the Metabolic Advantage Diet & Advanced Training Techniques.
  • Support, motivation and accountability with monthly challenges, check-ins and 1:1 support in the Private Facebook Group with 1000s of members. Everyone can do a 4 week diet however, we focus on long-term lifestyle changes, not yo-yo dieting or fad diets.
  • Increases your ability to burn fat by up to 300-400% so you will lose weight more efficiently, with dozens of studies showing superior fat loss compared to a typical low-fat diet.
  • Reduces cravings and decrease your hunger hormones so you can lose weight more successfully and most importantly, KEEP IT OFF!
  • 100s of videos and resources for beginners, helping to educate you and transforming both your physique and knowledge for long-term success.
  • Varied and flexible diet, allowing you to eat the foods you love and providing tasty alternatives & over 100 physique friendly recipes.
  • Advanced Carb Cycling / Refeed strategies to boost your metabolism, hunger hormones and give you a dieting break to improve long-term adherence and success.
  • Reduced fatigue when performing long-duration exercising as it teaches your body to fuel on fat.
  • Done-for-you plans, example diets, supplement protocols and 20 weeks’ worth of workouts. If you are in a hurry you can jump straight in tomorrow and get started right away!
  • Improve metabolic health, with dozens of studies showing it can reduce blood sugar levels, triglyceride levels, bad cholesterol and insulin resistance – key markers of diabetes and heart disease.


What’s next? Well, you can pre-order right now for a fraction of the price.

Once it’s released in NOVEMBER 2016 the price will shoot back up to reflect the advanced and unique nature of this program!

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